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Your Aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. All living things have auras. Auras contain the energy of biological life.

The color of your aura provides clues about your physical, emotional, and spiritual state.

The energy emission of your aura is very low range, beyond the range of normal vision. But with practice, you can learn to extend the reach of visual detection.

Here are common colors and their general meanings:

Yellow: When vibrant, yellow represents success, intelligence, wisdom, and creativity. Dull yellow suggests selfishness and negativity.

Red: When vibrant, red suggests sensuality and passion. Dull red suggests anger, fear, and anxiety. If you become angry during a conversation, your aura might show a spike of red, reflecting the intensity of emotion youre feeling.

Green: Green is related to healing and suggests balance and health.

Blue:  A blue aura says that youre searching for spiritual information and answers. Light blue indicates that your quest is just beginning; dark blue suggests youve chosen the path you want to follow and you are now seeking enlightenment. Dull blue (dark or light) indicates self-righteousness.

Purple: A purple aura suggests that you have high spiritual awareness and are broadly accepting of others. Purple indicates balance, patience, and helpfulness.

Orange: You are likely friendly and open toward others when your aura is orange. Vivid, dark orange suggests ambition and drive.

Pink: As you might suspect, pink relates to affection and love. A pink aura also suggests that you are calm, and have the ability to soothe and calm others.

Brown:When your aura is brown, you are likely confused, discouraged, or frustrated. Brown tends to be a stress color, suggesting that things are out of balance in your life.

Black: A black aura says your energy is being blocked. Some people do this intentionally, to protect themselves from energy vampires. Other times, a black or a very dark aura suggests negativity and depression

White:  A white aura indicates intense energy and protection. Your aura might be white when you are meditating, praying or intentionally giving energy to others.