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Psychic Advice


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Spiritual Awakening class

New Age Evolution

We are all Psychic......
Open and Embrace your gifts!
"Very amazing course ,even had  paranormal events occur while going through the excercises! The potential I had was astonishing. Thank you very much Psychic April. And, thanxs on all the questions you answered for me!  - Anna W.
" EXCELLENT & BREATH TAKING!!!! Never has so much truth opened up to me before. It was such a breath of fresh air ,to truly find some foundation for all the "feelings and dreams" I have had through the years! The meditations are wonderful as well, I find myself in the office balancing myself and filling myself with light,It gets me through the day! God Bless you and those who take your class."  -Belinda D.
"WOW, this doesnt even compare to other spiritual classes I have taken on the internet. This by far surpasses all! Being a psychic, I was skeptical about the class and wasn't exactly open to it at first. Boy, from the very first e-mail, I was absorbing everything and could not wait for the next e-mail to arrive! I grew spiritualy and have a deeper sense of peace now, thank you! You are a truly gifted woman ! " - Selina G.
"Held my attention, easy methods for growth and change. I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for awnsers and a psychic awakening." - Timothy R.

Spiritual Course
done by E-mail



Spiritual Enlightenment Class

This is like nothing you have seen on the Internet to date!

In-depth class will allow you to utilize your natural born psychic gifts!

Our class is lead by a Spiritual Clergy woman and will include the

following teachings:


1)  Deep Meditation

2) Power of Thought

3) Chakras

4) Balance

5) Prosperity

6) Mediumship

7) Crystals

8) Healings

9) Aura Reading

10) Intuition Enhancement

All of this done in the Comfort of your own Home ! Daily Exercises & Affirmations...

Join us now and open up to your gifts, because we are all  psychic!

 Five Star Psychic
Psychic April

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