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Psychic April

Is, Blessings of Spring

My gifts came to me at a very young age, I believe I was approx. 4 years old. I lay there in bed nightly visited my spirits who were lost, in need or had a message to be passed on. I saw things clearly; Past, Present and Future.

Angels were shown to me constantly, they gave me messages of peace and love and continue to lead me now. I am Clairvoyant, Clairsentinent, and Clairaudio. All of which means, that I see, sense and hear clearly from the other side.

I use an Angel Tarot Card Deck. I use this deck as a Tool strictly and not the means to Divine the future. I am very Intuitive and Empathic, so most tools I use, work very well for me and my clients.

I work with Crystals and candles. I absolutely love working with them ! Crystals hold such awesome power and I see them as gifts from God (or your higher power)to help us harness in power and energy from the universe. Candles are a beautiful way to send out light for those we love and care for, as well as tools for healing.

 Dream Interpretation is a favorite of mine as well, Spirits love to speak with us when we are in a dream state of consciousness, the reason for this is because we are more apt to tune into them and have them be heard by us on this level.

I appreciate all the Gifts, cards and Letters of Love that pour in from all of you ! Thank you